National parks to visit in Uganda

Bwindi  impenetrable national park:

Proclaimed in 1932  as a forest reserve; this forest was a gazette  as a national park in 1991; it is home to the biggest population of the remaining gorillas  estimated at 408 individuals. It occupies about 331 square kilometers of the pristine natural forest   and houses other primates and forest elephants. The park was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site 1994 on account of its biodiversity .it harbours around 120 mammal species,350 bird species  of which 23 species are endemic to the Albertine rift and 200 butterfly species.

Mgahinga gorilla national park :

Situated on the wedge between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo mgahinga gorilla is the smallest but prettiest park in Uganda; indeed like the slogan goes: it is where gold meets silver; the park houses three extinct volcanoes that forms the chain of the Virungas that straddles between Uganda, Rwanda  and Congo. The transboundary gorilla family stays in Mgahinga  national park and has never crossed to Rwanda since 2012, in Mgahinga you have an opportunity to book for gorillas at short notice!

You can also hike  Mt. sabinyo  3669m  and be in three countries at the sametime or Mt. Gahinga 3,475 m or Mt. Muhabura  at 4127 m  above sea level.

Activities in the  mgahinga  are:

  • Gorilla tracking
  • Hiking
  • Nature walk/sabinyo gorge trail
  • Batwa trail
  • Golden monkey tracking

Queen Elizabeth national park:

This is Uganda’s popular and accessive savan reserve , at 1,978 square kilometers  queen Elizabeth is one of the largest parks in Uganda. To the west it is bounded by the Ishasha river that is eponymous with the ishasha tree climbing lions and Lake Edward  along the Congolese border  and predominantly  a savanna vegetation with  some acacia trees  and areas of swamp along lake George. It is home to 95 mammal species  with ten types of primates. About 20 predators have been cited which include: spotted hyena, lion and leopard. About 610  bird species have been recorded in  Queen Elizabeth National park.

Murchison falls national park

Kibale national park

At 1,100 -1,590 m kibale is a  home of about 60 mammal species ,  13 species of primates recorded the highest  concentration  compared to any other national park in  Uganda. It is home to red Columbus; and eight other primate species: L`hoest `s, vervet, red-tailed, blue monkeys;Uganda  mangabey ,black and white Columbus ;olive baboon and chimpanzee.

National parks to visit in Rwanda

Akagera national park:

Volcanoes national park:

Volcanoes national park is home to half of the  Virungas estimated 480 mountain gorillas and is the most popular park in Rwanda with eight habituated gorilla groups and can be visited by  eight tourists per family making 64 gorilla permits available per day. Other activities  to do in the park include: hiking, visit to karisoke research center  and golden monkey tracking.